Forensic Accounting Experts

Gary C. Johnson and Associates specializes in forensic accounting, complex fraud and financial investigations, asset recovery, internal inquiries, expert witness testimony and comprehensive litigation support.

Forensic Accounting

Gary C. Johnson and Associates combines financial, accounting, and investigative knowledge and experience to assist organizations, attorneys, accountants and individuals comprehend complex financial issues and successfully challenge financial misconduct.

Expert Witness Analysis

Gary C. Johnson, MBA, CPA, CFF, CGMA, blends his experience as a Forensic Accountant and financial litigation consultant with the analytical skills and testifying proficiency he gained during his years as a Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI to provide trusted expert witness analysis and testimony.

Financial and Internal Investigations

We conduct internal inquiries, fraud, financial, due diligence and other investigations and provide comprehensive civil and criminal litigation support to include asset recovery, computer forensics and data recovery, witness identification and interviews.