Asset Recovery

Recovering stolen or misappropriated personal or business assets most often requires a team of forensic accountants to determine how, when and where the funds or assets have been transferred, utilized or hidden. Gary C. Johnson and Associates employs FBI trained and experienced investigators to trace the funds and assets through a potential tangle of records, companies, and financial entities designed to hold or hide the misappropriated assets.

Time is of the essence when it comes to asset recovery. Each day after assets are stolen or misappropriated affords the offender additional time to more effectively hide the funds, move the funds into undisclosed entities, into shell corporations, or into offshore accounts. The longer the offender has control of the misappropriated funds, the more difficult the recovery process. This is why it is crucial to involve experts as soon as possible.

Gary C. Johnson and Associates can expose money laundering if it is the method used to hide or move the assets, trace ownership of assets and property, valuate assets of an individual or business, and utilize forensic investigation techniques to analyze your computers for electronic evidence of asset possession and movement.

We will conduct a preliminary investigation to assess your potential for asset recovery.  Our initial investigations may involve a search for evidence of available assets, the examination of available financial information, and interviews of pivotal individuals. If applicable, we will identify the vulnerabilities that allowed your assets to be misappropriated in the first place.

Subsequent to our preliminary investigation we will develop a recovery strategy, track the funds through the banking and financial systems, support you or your attorney with judgment enforcement actions, and assist in the recovery of your misappropriated funds and assets.