Civil Investigations

Civil matters involve private rights and remedies that are sought by action or suit.   Civil investigations seek to acquire facts and evidence in support of the action or suit.

Gary C. Johnson and Associates employs FBI trained and experienced investigators who have years of successful experience in conducting extremely complex local, national, and international criminal, civil, and forensic investigations.

We conduct internal inquiries, background investigations, due diligence examinations, covert investigations and physical surveillance.  We assist with resolution of employment disputes, and provide civil litigation support.  Our computer forensics experts analyze computers for electronic evidence and recovery of lost or deleted computer data.  FBI trained and experienced examiners conduct all of our polygraph examinations.

Due to our extensive and specialized FBI training and experience, our investigators know where to look, what evidence must be collected and verified, and what information must be presented for successful criminal or civil proceedings.

With support from his associates, Gary C. Johnson testifies as an expert witness in complicated criminal, civil, and financial matters.  Throughout his years as a Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI, and subsequently as an independent consultant, Mr. Johnson has examined witnesses, analyzed financial documentation and successfully testified about his findings.  He is aware of and avoids the tactics used by attorneys to impeach witnesses and to damage witness credibility. In addition, his testimony in Federal and state courts, and in other legal proceedings, has afforded him a level of comfort in testifying, and expertise in addressing the challenges faced in court.