Financial Investigations

Financial investigations can be difficult to conduct successfully because the required financial records are often closely held, intentionally manipulated, hidden, or shielded by financial privacy laws and procedures.  In some cases the information is available but so unintelligible that it first requires organization, analysis, assimilation, and interpretation.

Gary C. Johnson and Associates knows where to look and the legal methods that may be used to obtain necessary financial information.  We know how to organize and present the financial information in the most understandable and persuasive way.  We perform financial investigations on behalf of individuals, profit and non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, CPA firms, and law firms internationally.  Our work includes misconduct, dispute resolution, due diligence, asset misappropriation and recovery, and civil and criminal litigation.

The key to exposing financial misrepresentations and asset misappropriation is knowing what information to look for and where. Our financial investigators and data analysts trace, obtain, and analyze financial records and information based on their FBI training and experience. Our team is proficient in finding and explaining accounting records and financial information others may not know exists.

Our experience also includes investigations of bankruptcy fraud, embezzlement, environmental liability, internal and external corporate fraud, financial institution fraud, healthcare fraud, identity theft, money laundering, securities fraud, and theft of intellectual property.

Our computer forensics experts have the ability to analyze computers for electronic evidence, recover lost or deleted computer data, and forensically reconstruct how the computer was actually used, all the while preserving the integrity of the electronic evidence for discovery and trial.  All of our methods withstand intense courtroom scrutiny.