Fraud Investigations

Fraud is widespread.  It harms individuals, non-profit and profit organizations. Despite the increased focus on fraud prevention, the probability of being victimized remains high.

If you suspect that fraudulent activity has occurred, we strongly advise that you do not take action until experts have analyzed the situation and recommended an investigative strategy.  Any delay in this process may increase the potential loss and decrease opportunities for effective investigation, asset recovery, and successful resolution.

Fraud detection requires trained and experienced forensic investigators to uncover the fraud, embezzlement, and falsified financial statements. Gary C. Johnson and Associates uses FBI investigative methods to determine who is responsible, and who may have conspired with, contributed to, or known about the misconduct. We also unmask possible organizational negligence which may have allowed the fraudulent activity and financial loss to occur. Our team conducts fact-finding interviews, substantiates evidence, and provides guidance in verified cases of fraud, embezzlement, or other potential criminal and civil violations.

We will conduct our investigation in concert with your legal counsel and with law enforcement, if appropriate, in an effort to identify the fraudulent conduct, stop further losses, recover misappropriated assets, pursue prosecution if warranted, and ensure a successful conclusion to your case.